beads, Beads, BEADS

During FIESTA you get a ton of beads, way too many to count. It gets boring wearing them the same way all the time so i decided to switch it up. I really love how it turned out!

Twisted Bead Necklace
You'll Need:
1st you want to start twisting your beads, you'll start by twisting a loop at the 2 ends of the necklace, then just start twisting in random spots on the necklace 
(you'll twist the string in between each bead, so that the beads lock into each other)

Continue to twist every necklace your using, i recommend using about 5 necklaces, it just gives it a fuller effect

Now gather all the loops you made at the end of one side of the necklaces, and feed your ribbon through all of them, tie the ribbon tight.

This part gets a little tricky... You need to twist all the necklaces together (one by one)
Lay your necklace on a table and spread the strands apart

Number them 1 through 5 or up to however many your using, this will make it much easier
I started with 5 first, but it would be the same if you start with 1.

Bring 5 over 4
Then bring 3 over 5
Then 5 over 2
Then 1 over 5

#5 should now be in the #1 spot.....repeat till all the strands are twisted
When you get to the end, feed another strand of ribbon through the other side of loops you made at the other end of the beads, tie the ribbon tight.

TA-DA.....now it's ready!


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