Blue Margie Catastrophe

Yesterday was our 2nd day of FIESTA! So far its been chart topping!! I was debating over a few outfits but since im super obssessed with this skirt I thought it was perfect for FIESTA! I was going for the "every color of the rainbow" look, aaaand I think I mastered it, if I do say so myself.  I may have mastered the color wheel look but a tan I somehow cant seem to get on my WHOLE arm and definatly not on my legs. I can rock a farmers tan better than anyone!! Ok thats not true, maybe I should take lessons from Snookie and hit that spray tan.

FYI these pictures were taken after a few blue margaritas and for some reason we couldnt hold the camera steady. Haha!

Day 3 of FIESTA is tonight and I can only imagine whats going to happen tonight.
Fist pumping possibly?




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