i think you should borrow this....

Hey guys! I am so excited because at the end of this week my favorite book will be a MOVIE!! 

Ahhhh.....i can hardly contain myself, i apologize for screaming at you though! If you haven't read "Something Borrowed" yet, i suggest you get on it! It's the perfect summer read, you could lounge by the pool soaking up the sun and this juicy fun book!
Without giving too much away, incase you decide to read the book, it's about a girl who basically "borrows" something from her best friend, but her best friend has no idea, and totally has it coming to her. That's not exactly the best summary, but trust me this book is GREAT!

Libby and I are so excited about the movie, (i got her hooked on the book), Mandy's pretty stoked too, and i think were gonna make a whole girls night out of it! Expect a review coming your way....

P.S- I've read every book Emily Giffin has written & she is superb, you should check out her other books!


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