100 degrees and sunny

Shirt: Old Navy / Skirt: Bitten by SJP / Heels, Bracelets, Hat: Forever21

Texas and I have a love hate relationship. Today i hate Texas. It is 100 degrees and is gonna be for another 9 days. As we were taking these pictures my feet were literally being burned. How am i gonna last another 3 months in this heat? 

The skirt i'm wearing was once bermuda shorts, i hadn't worn them in forever, so i cut em' up and made a skirt. I haven't hemmed it yet so excuse my raw edges. I feel like i can style em' better as a skirt, and so far i was right. I styled this look in under 5 mins, and i'm really glad i liked it! Oh, and how do you like my new hat....this baby was $6 at Forever21, ain't it cute?


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