Happy Tuesday Everyone! So have y'all ever gone to a store and saw something that was incredibly cute and thought "hey i can make that" It happens to my sisters, mom and I quite a bit. Just the other day Katy and I were in Target and we saw some straw totes that were about $20. I immediately thought it looked so simple to make, and guess what I made it for $3.50. Wow I'm even shocked at the money I saved. I bought the tote for $2.50 at Target and I got the fabric on clearance at Hancock Fabrics for $1.00 a yard. What a deal right? And when I say it's simple I'm not exaggerating. This was one easy breezy DIY!

Step 1. Gather a summery fabric and your tote. Take the fabric and start hot gluing it to the bottom of the tote. Make sure it's laying even on the bottom of the tote. Glue it all the way around the bottom
Step 2. Once the fabric is glued onto the entire bottom of the tote start gluing it to the front as well. But not on the entire front just the corners
Step 3. Once you've finished gluing the fabric onto the corners of the tote take the loose fabric and start tying a knot. I glued the knot in the middle of the tote for extra security
Step 5. Take the loose pieces of fabric from the knot and tuck them underneath the fabric and hot glue
The best thing about this is that you can make this tote with a scarf, a handkerchief even an old shirt that you have lying around. The possibilities are endless. Do y'all have any favorite summer DIY's? We'd love to hear them!



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