yummmmm x 10

Hello hello! I'm so so excited for this post! When I first made this Caesar Club Sandwich for my sisters they flipped out....but in a good way. Truth is I kind of recreated a sandwich I had at La Madeleine. It was one of the best sandwich's I've ever had. I immediately came home and looked up any recipe that was similar and I found this recipe from Ina Garten. Don't ya just love her! Instead of using Ina's caesar dressing I opted for another chef's. Her name is Jennifer from Once Upon A Chef.....trust me you'll thank me later. Her blog is fabulous with so many great recipes. If you've ever made homemade caesar dressing you know that it calls for anchovy paste....I know I know sounds gross. But trust me it makes the dressing soooo worth it. I even went an extra step and made my own anchovy paste. Yup I was in a bit of a cooking mood today. Trust me this sandwich is so good that Katy would eat this every day if she had the chance, she already decided she wants it to be her birthday dinner. Enjoy and have a great friday!!


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