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Back by popular demand is our 3-way style segment! These are so fun! Even though were sisters, we can never guess how each other will style the selected piece. It's always so interesting!

This time is a white shirt. There are a million ways you can style a white shirt, but in this post we style it for an evening out, a casual day and we take it on the edgier side! So now we wanna know....

How would you style your white shirt?

If you have any ideas on what item we should 3-way style next....let us know! 
This week I got to incorporate my ABSOLUTE favorite jacket. I wish I could wear it all the time but this TX heat decides other wise....thanks a lot TX. Instead of keeping it casual for this week's 3 way style I went for a "night out" look. Can you tell by my purse (another fav of mine) I don't know if you've caught on by now but I love sequin's & anything that sparkles! Now my next task is to persuade my sisters to use this jacket for a fall edition of 3 way style...I think its a great idea what do y'all think?  
I was channeling my inner Kendi with this outfit, and I have to say I'm in love with it. I wanted to do something more casual, and I don't wanna sound cocky buuut I think I pulled it off. These new wedges of mine inspired this whole outfit. From the army jacket to the turquoise accessories to these fabulous shoes I cant get enough of this outfit. Totally one of  my favs!! 
I wanted to go for a ride on the wild side this time! I decided to mix prints. I think the striped sweater and the abstract print skirt really work well because of the white shirt. I added a chunky, kind of tough looking necklace to tie in with these studded boots. I feel very hipster, meets school girl, meets edgy cowgirl in this outfit.....I LOVE IT! 

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