The Bold and the Metallic.: Makeup Monday

So, I know Mondays can be drab and the start of the weekday(and who really wants to work anyways right?)but we here at The Style Dossier thought why not brighten up your Mondays with a new face, or at least a new look you can try on your face.  Whether its a totally different look or a new lip color, a new eye shadow, blush, etc... we want you to step out on Mondays feeling renewed, refreshed and ready to take on the work week. We also want to thank Keiko Lynn for our inspiration! You rock girl!
This look makes me feel so fall-ish!! Im taking my obsessions for fall and putting them together for this look. Im lucky that they go together or this could have been very very bad. Metallic and a bold ruby lip is such a glamourous look for a fall night out, Im in love with it!

step 1: Apply Primer to your entire lid and up to the brow bone.
step 2: Apply a gold shadow to your entire lid as well and also up to the brow bone.
step 3: Take a darker gold and apply it to the crease of your lid with a shadow brush.
step 4: Take a blending brush and blend the two colors together, this step is very important. You can never blend enough. Blend until you are satisfied with the look.
step 5: Apply a pencil liner or a liquid eye liner to your top and bottom of your eye. This creates a dramatic look for your eyes.
step 6: Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara to your top and bottom lashes, let set and apply another coat for a more dramatic look.
step 7: With a lip brush apply a berry or ruby lipstick. Blot, and the reapply. Clean up the edges with a little bit of concealer if needed. 
step 8: Your finished, apply a mist and set to help your make up last all night! 



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