Makeup Monday: Emmys Recap

I know all of you watched the Emmy's last night, and if you didn't shame on you! OK not really, I'm sort of a TV snob/ TVaholic so I had to watch and root for all my favorite shows. Of course I watched the red carpet to see all the hit and misses of top celebs, makeup and also gowns. There were so many trends on that carpet. One being red dresses, anyone who was anyone was wearing red and two was stunning smokey eyes and nude lips. It was everywhere at the Emmy's and everyone wore it so well. I decided to do the same Emmy look today because I love a good smokey eye and lets face it I just wanna pretend I know what I'm doing!  

Step 1: You need to start with a clean naked eye(obviously)I always put primer and some loose powder on my eyelids just to make sure the eyeshadow stays all night.

Step 2: Dust a light brown all over your lid and take a cream highlighting color and dust right below the brow bone. This is gonna be the base of your smokey eye.

Step 3: I mixed a dark brown and a dark purple together and applied it to the crease and the outer corner of my eye. With a blending brush, blend all the colors together to create the smokey effect. Blending is always very important so BLEND BLEND BLEND!

Step 4: Apply a liquid eyeliner to your top lid and then add a black eyeshadow right on top of the liquid liner. This acts as a shield over the liquid to make sure the eyeliner does not smudge.

Step 5: Now this step I was going to apply false lashes to add that extra punch on the eyes, unfortunately I was unaware that I ran out of glue for my falsies so, I just added about 3 coats of my favorite mascara. If you have access to falsies I would suggest you put them on during this step. You wont regret it I PROMISE!

Step 6: Apply a nude lipstick and your favorite lip gloss on top. This look is all about the eyes so the lips need to be nude and glossy!

AND....Your done! Of course don't forget your blush and your set and mist spray!

This look is timeless, smokey eyes and a nude lip always looks stunning. Have fun with this look gals! Glam it up this week!



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