Makeup Monday: Marilyn love!

I have to say, I wasn't sure how I would feel about this look. I think Marilyn Monroe is timeless and her looks were nothing short of gorgeous so I was hoping I could do her justice. I didn't, but she's one of a kind so who can REALLY  look like her anyways. This makeup was fun and when I put the wig and dress on I didn't wanna take it off! Take it from me ladies this look is so fun for Halloween and having your dress blown up IS as much fun as it looks. Try it! 
Always start with your foundation, concealer, and powder

#1: Apply a frosty white color right under your brow bone, in the crease of your eye, and the center of your lid (your creating a highlight here)
#2: Take a brown color and apply lightly in the crease of your eye. shade up to the outer and inner corners of your brow. (your just want to create contouring with this step)
#3:  Wet your eyeliner brush and dab it in a dark brown eye shadow. Line your top lid with this. 
* side note, Marilyn never used black eyeliner it was always brown or dark brown* classy!
#4: Apply a white eyeliner to your bottom water line. This will make your eyes appear wider. All the ladies in this era did this. Were trying to be authentic here ladies. 
#5: Now is the fun part, apply false lashes to your top lashes. Whether you chose full lashes or just ends were going for the winged look here. 
#6: Apply a peachy blush to your cheeks!
#7: Take any red lip liner or lip stick and apply it to your luscious lips 
#8: Final step, don't forget her unforgettable beauty mark. I found that liquid liner works best with this step. 
Add your wig, white dress, and wind machine and your just like Marilyn
and if you didn't know her and I are on a first name basis! ;)




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