Holiday Cocktails

With the holidays comes holiday party's and what must you have at a holiday party? Holiday cocktails!!! Can you tell i'm excited about this! The holidays are the time to bust out all things super special, and your holiday drinks should be no exception. Here are some holiday drinks i have tried and loved, some i'm dying to try, and some that are just too good not to share! 
Now lets get our drink on! 
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Ruby Slipper- this drink is the perfect mix of fruity and bubbly, it would be perfect for New Year's Eve!
Belvedere Sparkle- vodka, cranberry and champagne....simple and delicious!
The Flirtini- this drink has made many rounds in my family, it's the perfect mix of citrus cranberry and of course champagne but beware it packs a pretty heavy punch!

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Coquito- this drink is what would happen if a pina colada and egg nogg had a baby. Seriously you.must.try.it.
Yuletide Punch- I really wanna try this punch, it's a mix of chai tea, vodka and apple juice. It sounds pretty weird & pretty delicious all at the same time!
White Chocolate Peppermint Martini- this is the perfect holiday cocktail, its so festive! If you like peppermint bark your sure to love this!

Bottoms up!


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