Watermelon Granita

The BEST thing about being a blogger is all the great people you meet. We've been so fortunate to meet some amazing people. One person we absolutely adore is Nina Holland, she's truly a great friend. She has the best taste with everything, maybe that's why she likes us :)) Recently she sent Mandy a birthday gift, which we have used a ton! It's a great cookbook by The Pioneer Woman. Boy that gal has some fantastic recipes. There was one recipe that I've been dying to try but the only problem is I HATE watermelon. But I thought "what the heck" & since summer's here in TX are brutal it seemed like the best recipe to try. Have I mentioned all you do is freeze the watermelon & you're dish is done, yeah I knew that might get y'alls attention!  watermelongranitawatermelongranitarecipesignature_libby


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