Margarita Bliss

The end of August I celebrated my 30th birthday, wow I can't believe I just admitted that to y'all. So my friends & I decided to head out to get some good mexican food. We went to La Gloria for some great food, good margarita's & fun times! If y'all make a stop in good 'ol San Antone I totally recommend y'all make a pit stop @ La Gloria's. They have some prickly pear margarita's that are pretty awesome. But I have a friend that says his were better. Ya right, that can't be true!!!
You know those moments when you just CAN'T admit you're wrong well this was one of them. His were pretty damn good. Now he's sworn me to secrecy so I can't reveal his recipe but don't worry I got you guys covered. I found a recipe that is just as good!! Just take my advice serve these margie's on the rocks, it's soooo worth it.



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