IMAN Fall Look

Just the other day we got our first taste of fall her in San Antonio. So of course we broke out the cardigan's & made some nutella hot chocolate. Needless to say two days later the weather jumped back into the 90's, what a bummer!!! But while the weather was cooler it got me soooo excited for all the fun fall looks. I love to wear deep reds & violets in the fall. IMAN Cosmetics has a fabulous new palette just in time for fall. It's complete with blush, two eye shadow's & two lip color's. It's their new Adorned Kit. It's pretty much all I need for fall. I've been playing around with the eye shadow's & this is by far my favorite look. It's easy & subtle with a bit of drama, just what I love!

STEP 1. Prime your eyelids. Take the light purple eye shadow & apply all over your lid.
STEP 2. Take your black eye pencil & apply a thin line right on your upper lash line. It doesn't have to be a perfect line. I like to take a q-tip & soften the line up a bit.
STEP 3. Take the dark purple eye shadow & apply it right above your eye liner.
STEP 4. Take that exact same color & apply it right under your lower lash line.
STEP 5. Still using the same dark purple eye shadow apply it into your crease, blend well.
STEP 6. Curl your eye lashes & apply two coats of black mascara.

Pretty easy, hugh?

Hope everyone enjoys their IMAN Adorned Kit as much as we do!



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