It's beginning to SMELL a lot like Christmas

homemadescent Christmas in TX isn't necessarily what you call cold. Take today for instance, we put up our Christmas tree & it was 80 degrees outside. Times like this we really wish jack frost was our friend. Even though it was pretty darn warm outside we turned on the Christmas carols, made some hot chocolate & put on a pot of "Christmas scent." This is one fantastic recipe that makes your whole home smell like the holidays. It's just a few ingredients thrown together but it lasts all month long. This little concoction would make a great homemade gift too. Get ready cause Christmas is about to smell a little sweeter!

* Make sure once the water evaporates you keep adding more water to the ingredients.
The ingredients tend to burn brown after they've been boiled but don't worry they are still good! Just pop them in the fridge when you're aren't using them, they will last a few weeks!signature_all


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