Fiesta Fiesta Ay Ay Ay!

It's that time of the year again. It's Fiesta time!! Fiesta is this 10 day celebration full of parades, tons of food, music & loads of fun! We're really involved in Fiesta, by the last day we're exhausted but it's sooo worth it. Fiesta comes only once a year so we live it up!
If you've been reading our blog since last year (BIG thank you by the way) you'll know we have a week full of Fiesta posts. We're talking recipes, cocktails & of course beauty & fashion. Just a few things to get you in that Viva Fiesta mood!
Just in case y'all were planning on making a trip to good 'ol S.A to come party with us here's a few things you may want to have handy. You know blotting sheets, extra hair ties & a hydrating facial spray. I mean we don't want y'all worrying about what to put in your purse we would much rather have y'all thinking about where to get the best gordita.

We would love for all of you to come party with us but just in case you can't here's a few songs to get you in that party mode! Viva Fiesta!!!!




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