Rum Soaked Grilled Fruit Kabobs

Society tells us that men should be grilling and the ladies should be sitting by the pool with a mojito, right? We're pretty sure that's how it goes. Now, as much as we agree with the mojito part we're open to the 'men can only grill' thing. We are proof that ladies can grill too WHILE drinking a mojito (we're ladies of many talents) By no means are we saying men can't make these delicious kabobs. But ladies, if your having your girls over for a pool party by all means bust out your grilling tools and make these delicious kabobs! They are easy, delicious, healthy and the best part.... soaked in rum! We thought you might like that part! (we like to sneak alcohol in all things we do) Your welcome! But who doesn't like fruit right? And if you don't like GRILLED fruit then you need your taste buds checked. Grilling is summers past time so we are right on trend. 
Make these happen you guys, and gals. Your taste buds are screaming for them! 



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