Best Fall Beauty Finds

The transition from summer to fall is our favorite time of year. To know we won't be sweating just walking to our cars is a thrilling sensation. If you're not from the south you probably have no idea what we mean. (Aren't you lucky). We have some amazing items for you to try out this fall and they are all from H.E.B

We're keeping a little summer with us with the Loreal light infusing primer. It goes on smooth and gives your the most perfect sheen. Who says you have to give up the highlighted skin just because the weather is colder? Not us! 
Same goes for the Not Your Mothers "Way To Grow Your Hair" product. If you sported a shorter do this summer then fear no more. This product will help your hair grow into throes lucious locks everyone wants in the fall. And if you toughed it out with your long beachy waves this summer, high five! We did it! 
As far as your makeup goes the smokey eye can finally make it back on your face. While it might be a little to harsh during the summer nights, it's perfect for fall. Revlon's new "interlocking" eye shadows are just perfection. Get them in onyx and silver and rock the glam smokey eyes all fall long. 
Leave behind your pink and fuschia lip gloss and try something in a plum. Parisian Passion to be exact. Revlon has a great lipstain that will last all night and make sure to stay on during your "passion" filled kisses. 
And of course the transition from summer to fall would not be complete without a new nail color. We're loving São Paulo by OPI. It's a great grey and purple color that will be perfect on those nails of yours.
 Go rock them! Your gonna look so fab! 

Head on over to H.E.B for all your fall beauty needs. It'll be your one stop shop!


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