Cheap Beauty Treatments

Recently I've discovered some great homemade beauty tricks that I cannot wait to share with everybody. The best part is that it's all in your kitchen already & if it isn't it's really cheap!

The first treatment is a substitution for drum roll please.......biore strips! Yes I was that girl that would spend $8.00 every two weeks on a pack of strips but now I know I was wasting my money. You really only need two ingredients. Milk & unflavored gelatin that's it. It's one of the EASIEST home beauty treatments I've ever done (& rust me I've done tons) but the best part is it's super effective. I'm not kidding this bad boy cleaned up some hard to get blackheads.

First gather a concealer brush (one that you won't miss) a tbsp of milk & a tbsp of unflavored gelatin. Mix both in a cup. The paste will be chunky @ first, pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds and it will become thinner. Take your concealer brush & apply to your nose in the same shape of a biore strip. Wait till it dries about 15 minutes & peel off. It's that simple!

The second treatment I've been using about once a week has been an asprin mask. All you need is half a tsp of honey & about three uncoated asprin.                                                    

First take the three uncoated asprin & cover them with a tiny bit of water so that they dissolve. After they have dissolved you take your honey & mix it with your asprin paste.
Use your fingers to rub the mixture onto your face in a circular motion., avoiding your eye area. The grittiness from the asprin gently exfoliates your skin without being to harsh & it takes away any redness. The first time I used this mask I felt immediate results. It left my skin feeling smoother & the best part it was so easy! 

I hope ya'll enjoy these easy & effective beauty treatments. Now if only I could find one that would take away thses dark circles permanently ;) Have a great monday!



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