75th Birthday Bash!

This weekend our nana & papo hit a big milestone....their 75th birthday! If you're wondering who our nana & papo are well I'm proud to say they are our grandparents. I can honestly say that when my family gather's together we have a fantastic time & this party was no exception. We had great food, great music & of course great company. My sister's & I did all the decorations for the party as well so I'm going to be partial & say that the place looked amazing too! The one thing that made the birthday party so special was seeing my nana & papo with their friends.....most of them have been friends for over 50 years. Thats right 50 years! We're so lucky to have been able to spend this birthday with them. The only thing we were unsure of was what to get them as a present. I mean you can imagine a 75 year old probably has lots of things, but we managed to find them something that we knew they would love. I'm passing the word along to ya'll as well cause I really loved this present. It was a picture book but not just any picture book it was filled with pictures of our entire family. The beauty with these books is you can put whatever pictures you want in it, & personalize it pretty much any way you want to. Our nana & papo loved it...i teared up a little when giving it to them because I loved how it came out. Over all the birthday party was a great success and we can't wait to plan their 80th birthday!



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