Magazonday Manicure!



Hi there everyone...Happy Magazonday! I searched high and low for inspiration in all kinds of magazines and I think I found it. I dont know about y'all but I've gotten to the point where I feel a little under dressed without my fingernails painted. I've pretty much always stuck to the classic colors like red, black, violet...I've never really ventured out there. I usually leave all the fancy nail work to Katy but lately I've wanted to mix it up. In every magazine I looked at they had this "half moon" manicure. It looked fairly easy so I decided to go for it. I picked out my colors and had my handy fine tip nail brush ready to go but I soon realized you need a STEADY hand. It took some patience but I finally got used to drawing on my nails. Overall I liked the look but next time I think I'll get really funky with the colors.


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