FIT ME! and can FIT YOU!

Ok so ive been on the prowl for a good foundation and powder, and well I think i just might have found it. Ive been seeing in all the magazines the new FIT ME! line from Maybelline so i thought I'd give it a whirl! Turns out it does FIT ME!! I decided to go with a drugstore brand, because well i know times are tough and as much as we all would love to get Laura Mercier's foundation I know its not in everyones price range. So here's a foundation and powder that I think works just as well. Best part is I got both the foundation and powder at Walgreens for $7.45!! I KNOW I practically stole that powder. I couldnt believe it.

 Foundation has come a long way from the cakey mask our moms used to wear and this foundation is no exception. The foundation goes on like silk and you dont have to use a ton to get good coverage. Its light weight and doesnt feel like your wearing any at all. The powder gives great coverage as well and doesnt feel heavy or cakey. All this CAKEY talk is making me want cake. FOCUS! Anyways, the numbers on the products make it so easy for you to get your perfect shade so you wont be at the drug store for hours making sure both your foundation and powder match. Welp Good Luck Everyone!



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