Last Minute change.....

I can't believe it's Tuesday already.....but Happy tutorial Tuesday to you! I originally planned on making a magazine bowl. One of those really cool bowls made out of folded magazines. But due to my inability to follow instructions CLEARLY & COMPLETELY the bowl didn't work out. I know, i know, way to go Katy. I am determined to finish the bowl, even if i burn all my fingers off from the hot glue gun, i WILL eventually salvage it. Well maybe i won't burn my fingers off, i will need them after all.....

Never to fret, i have a new tutorial for your Tuesday pleasure!

I was up late last night searching high and low for an easy diy, when i came across the site honestly wtf. They had a really cute chain bracelet braided with colored string. I was so inspired that i decided to do my own version.

So here's what you'll need.... 
I just used some loopy earring base's that i found, but you could definitely use anything with loops {necklace's, bracelets}.

1st step- tie (at least) 2 strands of string together {i'm using string used to make friendship bracelets, it's thin enough, but also very strong}. depending on the size of the chain, you can choose to use more string.

2nd step- take the knotted string and start weaving it through the loops {over & under, or vice-versa}. Keep weaving until you come to the end of the loops.

3rd step- After your done weaving through the loops secure the strings together by tieing them. You can then cut the excess string, but make sure to leave enough string so that the knot doesn't come loose.

4th step- Repeat the 2nd and 3rd step with a different color string if you choose.    

Once you have finished weaving and tieing all the string your gonna use, you can then secure it in the back of the earring base. I just hot glued the string to the back of the base to keep it secure. It worked like a charm! 

Your now done with the first part. You can then secure the earring base to the earring eye hook. I used plyers for this and just opened the loop on the eye hook and attached it to the earring base.

Now the last and most important step of all, put your newly fashioned earrings on and parade around your town like you own it!

Voila, Your finished!

Here's what the finished product will look like......

I hope you try this, and if you do leave me a comment or send me a picture of your finished product.....I'd love to see!

Good Luck!


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