Wickedly Olive!

So in the spirit of "Wicked" I decided to channel my inner Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) and go with an olive green eye. I'm sure my sisters would say Elphaba isn't really a stretch for me but the only thing i have to say to them is "I'll get you Libby and Katy and your little blog too." Ahahahah!!! Yep im more of a Glinda. Definatly a Glinda!
Enjoy folks!


So I used my Stila color wheel eye shadow pallette that i so kindly got for Christmas to make this sultry, sexy, WICKED eye!

1. Apply the lightest olive green and blend from your eye lid to your brow bone with a big fluffy brush
2. Next take your fluffy brush and apply the olive green from your lash line to your crease, wrap around under your eye as well.
3. Wet your blending brush and apply the darkest olive on the outside corner of  your eye and all the way into your crease for contouring.
4. Make sure to add the light olive to the inner corner of your eye for a pop.
5. Apply your eye liner and curl and your eye lashes. Then add your favorite mascara.

VOILA! You are done, Good luck everyone :)



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