Eggcellent mask!


So its been very hot here in Texas, up in the mid 80's (be jealous east coasters) and of course in the heat my skin tends to get very oily. So keeping with our Spring themed Tutorial Tuesdays I decided to do this egg mask, yes I said EGG, to help control your oily skin on those hot spring/summer days.

All you need is 1egg, Yep that's all folks 1 egg! And a clean face. Easy huh? Of course you will have to seperate the egg whites but I assure you this is very easy.
Crack the egg and transfer the egg yolk back and forth letting the egg whites fall into a seperate container.
Then of course put the egg yolk in another container. You will then have to beat the egg whites, make sure you beat them till they get frothy. When you see bubbles you will know they are ready.

Smear the egg whites all over your face making sure to get a little extra on the areas that get a little more oily than others. Mine is my "T" zone.
Once this is on your face allow time to dry. You will know when its dry when you can't smile and your face will feel tight. Wipe clean with warm water and a bath cloth.

After the egg whites comes the yolk. You will smear this all over your face just as you did the egg whites. Its going to be the same process. The egg yolk will act like a natural moisterizer.
Leave time for the yolk to dry. Once its dry wipe clean with warm water.
Use your daily moisterizer as the final step
Ta-dah! you will have soft smooth oil free skin all day long!
Good Luck!!

**check out Michelle Phans tutorial on thsis mask (she was my inspiration)



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