Flower Power X's 10

As I type I have perfectly manicured nails that took no time at all and required no drying time or a two coat process. Its the new Sally Hansen Salon effects nail polish strips! I think I've fallen in love, with my nails of course. Their gorgeous and the easiest nail polish ive ever put on my nails. I love you Sally!

I chose the Flower Power strips because well look at them they are so cute and because their the perfect way to jump into our Spring themed Tutorial Tuesday's!!!

All the supplies you need comes in the box which is great just in case you dont have any of your own. There are 2 packages of strips with 8 in each so just in case you mess up you have plenty of back ups. Theres a cuticle stick, of course for pushing your cuticles back and getting the excess off the sides of your nails. And then a 3 sided file. The hot pink side is to file your nails before the strips, The grey side on the back is to smooth any ridges before you put on the strip, and the light pink side is to file off the excess strip after you put it on!

Ok so you need to take off all the nail polish you had on before start with clean nails wich of course is a no brainer!!

Push your cuticles back using the cuticle stick provided in the box for you, or of cousre feel free to use your own if thats what you perfer. Also make sure to get the sides of your nail as well.

File your nails down to your desired length. If your using a pattern on your nails (like the flowers) a shorter square nail looks best. But of course if you love the long nails go for it girl!

Using the grey side of the file that is provided, smooth over the entire nail to get rid of any ridges on your nail I would suggest to do this for about 20 seconds on each nail. It should look smooth and shiny when your done. When your done take a cotten ball with nail polish remover on it and swab down each nail to get rid of any excess dirt left behind. This pert is very important!!! You need to start with clean nails!

Find the strip the best fits your nail. There are plenty of different sizes so make sure to find the best one. Once you've found it peel off the strip and place it on your nail. Make sure to get it right up to the cuticle and smooth it out to the end of your nail. You can stretch it to the end of your nail just make sure not to pull to hard. Take your finger and smooth the entire nail to get to strip flat and smooth. Fold the endge at the end of your nail to get a crease so you'll know where to file.

File the excess strip off at the edge of the nail. If there is some of the excess strip hanging on the sides of your nail use the cuticle stick to push the cuticles again. This will cause the strip to break in the desired area and you will be able to peel the excess away. This will creat the desired finished look!!! 

 I decided to rebel and add a top coat just for extra staying power and shine!! Once all the steps are complete you'll have perfect manicured nails!!! I know you will enjoy these just as much as I do. Good Luck! Now go strut your stuff with those gorgeous nails!!!



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