where have you been all my life?

So, I have apparently been living under a rock my whole life. Hi, my name's Katy & i've never been in an ALDO store. Tragic? I think so. I work right across from an ALDO & always salivate at it's beautiful things, they have the cutest shoes, hats & purses. 
After checking out there website, i decided a visit is a must

Here are some of my favorite ALDO items...

1. Forwood Medium Green wedge $90.00
2. Diroana Navy cross-body bag $40.00
3. Dyle Light Yellow wedge $100.00
4. Cypert Beige handheld bag $45.00
5. Frimoro Camel wedge $80.00
6. Araucaria Bone clutch $40.00
7. Lampe Cognac sandal $60.00
8. Schwieson White/Black handheld bag $40.00
9. Catalan Bone High Heel $80.00



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