Paris Est Mon Amour!

I'm going to let you in on a little known fact about my sister's and I.....we are DYING to go to Paris! Its #1 on my bucket list. It's also part of the reason we decided to use a french word when naming our blog. Yes Paris is only a dream but hopefully someday a reality. (let's hope "someday" comes soon)  In honor of our love for Paris I have made a true Paris dish....Croque Monsieur.

This recipe was really easy and super delish. I got this recipe  from Ina Garten. If you have bread, ham, butter, dijon mustard and gruyere cheese you can be transported to Paris just like we were. When I took a bite out of my cheesy, crunchy, warm delicious sandwich I pictured myself in the great city. Surrounded by all the history, the grandeur of the boulevards, all the amazing architecture, the wonderful restaurants and food....just thinking about it almost makes my heart skip a beat.

Even if you dont have the same love of Paris as we do I guarantee you will love this sandwich. I think I should warn you it might give you a few weight watcher's ponits but it's soooo worth it! Besides who say's you can't splurge sometimes. Hope you all enjoy your Croque Monsieur. Bon Apetite!



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