(Tune to 12 Days of Christmas) On the first day of Stila my palette gave to me, a sexy intense burnt sienna eye! Well its not quite a partridge in a pear tree but hey who really wants one of those, this is way more my style. Since I looove my Stila palette so much I decided to create 12 looks for you using this palette only. Here is my first look for your eyes enjoyment (literally) I call it burnt sienna.
Enjoy Ladies!

1.) Apply the peach color from your lash line to your brow bone with your fluffy brush
2.) Apply burnt sienna to your crease
3.) Use your liner brush to apply your brick red color to your lower lash line for a monochromatic look.
4.) Use your shadow brush to press the brick red onto the center of your lids
5.) Finsh by using your eye liner, I like to use a brown to go with this look.
6.) Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara
Ta-Da and your done! Good Luck!



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