What Goes Around Comes Around

I'm definitely an 80's baby through and through. I love Eddie Money, I love "The Goonies" and I love myself a good off the shoulder shirt. But let's get one thing straight I DON'T love scrunchies....ok yes I wore them on  my wrist back then but now I wouldnt be caught dead with one. There is one thing from the 80's that I won't get rid of either...my hot rollers! I know what you're thinking hot rollers, I don't want "Dynasty looking" hair. I'm here to tell you ladies dust off that set of hot rollers and put them to good use. I've been using mine for years now and if I could see into the future I'd see many more years to come.

I'm here to shed a new light on hot rollers. If you want shiny, voluminous hair then hot rollers is your ticket. I learned a quick easy trick from Cosmopolitan Magazine a few years back. Just by using the hot rollers it gave me body and wave. A big plus is I've cut the time I do my hair in half. Now I have more time to listen to Eddie Money!


*photo courtesy of sahairsupplies


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