arriba, arriba, ay ay ay!

fiesta3So FIESTA is a very big celebration we have here in San Antonio, and by big I mean HUGE. Its a 10 day celebration that involves a lot of food, drinks, parades and an array of events. Ever since we can remember FIESTA has been a big part of our lives. We grew up going to all the events, we even marched in the parades. Our family has always been very into FIESTA....it's such a fun time!

It mainly revolves around "Battle of Flowers" which is a parade that is held on the second to last day of FIESTA. It is the second largest parade in the nation. The only parade that is bigger is the Tournament of Roses Parade. I'm sure your wondering what FIESTA is, well I will tell you. Since the Battle of Flowers was the main focus, it starts there. The idea for Battle of Flowers was thought up in 1891 by a woman named Ellen Maury Sladen. She had seen a similar parade in Spain and decided that she would suggest the idea to congress as a way to remember the fallen heroes of the Alamo and commemorate the victory at San Jacinto. The battle of San Jacinto was on April 21, 1836 and it was the battle that won Texas its independance from Mexico. So was formed the Battle of Flowers Commitee and the first parade was on April 21, 1891. It was an actual "flower battle", They had carriges, floats and bicycles all decked out in fresh flowers. Half going in one direction and the other half going in the opposite direction, tossing fresh flowers at each other as they passed. By 1895 the parade had turned into a week long celebration, and by 1915 the parade had grown so big that fresh flowers could no longer be used and artifical flowers were used instead. Today Battle of Flowers has grown into what we now call FIESTA which is still a 10 day celebration. There is still a Battle of Flowers but nothing like the original, I promise we don't go around throwing flowers at each other for 10 days. We love this time of year, and we hope we can share all the fun with you too....

Were dedicating April 7th through April 17th to nothing but FIESTA. We'll be posting food & drink recipes, DIY's, outfit posts, all revolving around FIESTA! Were also gonna give you a sneek peek into how we roll during the funnest 10 days! 

P.S how do you like our new "fiesta-fied" logo....




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