Clairol Nice n' Easy Foam hair color

Katy's Review
So this isn't my first rodeo with hair dye, i'm actually quite the expert. Numerous colors & perms have had there chance on my hair. When i heard about the foam dye i was so excited, finally an easier way to color your hair at home. 

I was pretty shocked at how much of a change this was from the regular at home hair dye i was used to. I felt like i almost didn't have complete control over where the dye went on my hair (mostly the roots). I always like to start with my roots first, and the applicator tips are always really easy for that, but the foam really wasn't for me. It was however perfect for all over color, no drips and definitely much easier to apply. The stench was horrifying, burning your nostrils, make your eyes water bad. I've smelt my fair share of dye and this was by far the worst smelling one. Other than the smell, i'd say the dye worked pretty well! 

A little tip if you try it: use a little foam at a time, otherwise it will go all over the place

Libby's Review
 Unlike Katy I haven't dyed my hair very much. In fact the only time I did dye it was about 10 years ago, Since then I've had "virgin hair" (that's what my hair stylist likes to call it) So I was pretty nervous about changing my hair color ok that's an understatement I was VERY nervous. Katy dyed her hair first so she had the job of guinea pig. Luckily she gave me all the do's and don'ts.

I really didn't know what to expect but I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised. The foam was easy for me to handle and no drips...always a plus. I liked how the foam coated my hair evenly but I have to warn you the smell was extremely bad....I mean eyes watering bad. But overall I give it a thumbs up. It was a great color and it wasn't messy at all. I would suggest using a little foam at a time just for handling purpose's. I hated waiting 25 minutes to see how my color turned out but I'd say it was all worth it. Thanks Clairol for the free coupon and for my new hair color! 

Overall we gave this two thumbs up....you know what that means Clairol you've been stamped!




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