Burnt much?

Last weekend I went on a kayaking trip with a friend and well to make a long story short I got typical kayaking sunburn. I blame my instructor, we only stopped once and for some reason I failed to reapply. Thankfully I am peeling now and my legs are very tan! Having this sunburn got me thinking about tips to make sure you dont suffer like I did. My Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual has all the tips to make sure you protect your skin.
First and Formost AVOID tanning beds at all costs!! Unless your going to be the Jersey Shore cast for halloween orange is never a good look for ANYONE! And not to mention completely unsafe!sunscreen
Apply liberally- A teaspoon to your face and about an ounce or a shot glass full to the rest of your body everyday. The face, hands and back of the knees are high risk areas for cancer so make sure to apply liberally to those areas.protecteyes
Protect your eyes- Wear sunglasses that wrap around your eyes and have 100% UV blocking lenses. Most sunscreens are to harsh to use on this sensitive area around the eyes. Im obsessed with RayBan and these glasses are perfect. So cute and what a great fun color for summer!You need to protect your skin all year around even when its cold or cloudy outside. The times between 10 am-2 pm are when the rays from the sun are the harshest so make sure to reapply frequently. Wear sunscreen with an SPF 15 or 30, depending on the season and length of the time your skin will be exposed. Hats and long sleeved shirts help as well but remember the sun likes to penetrate through loosely woven and wet clothing so protect your skin even when your covered.save_splurge

These two sunscreens protect your skin amazingly. The Shiseido UV protection Cream is great. Its an SPF 35 and water resistant so its great if your sporty or just strolling in your city. If your on a budget the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer is also a great choice. It may not be water resistant but it makes up for that with the helioplex, which stops UVA and UVB rays from burning your skin.

I am a personal fan of the Neutrogena brand its lightweight and fragrance free so your skin feels soft and never greasy. Its also comes in SPF 70 and 100 which means less reapplying and since im in Texas,where we have 8 months of summer, the higher SPF is great for me!

**Just a little side note water resisntant sunscreens need to be applied/reapplied 20 minutes before entering water so the product can bond with the skin.
If you have sensitive skin use a cream based product and avoid sunscreens with tretinoin, which can dry out the skin. This Clarins Sun Care Cream is absolutely wonderful its an SPF 30 and is fragrance free which is great if you have any allergies to skin products.
I hope you can take away some info that you may have not known or regained some knowledge of how important sunblock is! Be safe this summer ladies!


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