Fiesta Flower Power!

During Fiesta you're guaranteed to see every color of the rainbow, tons of flowers, confetti, streamers, and of course sombrero's. It can be a dream for someone who's not afraid of color, or someone who's not afraid to stand out. That may be one of the reason's why we love Fiesta so much. If you're looking to get your creative juices flowing these Fiesta events are a sure fire way to do that. Every year I get inspired by so many things.

This year I was inspired by one key element of Fiesta. Flowers, flowers and more flowers. During Fiesta there are flowers everywhere. On floats, on hats, and in my case, my hair. This fiesta I've decided to make flower halo's. The flowers are made out of tissue paper and I'm using a thick floral wire for the halo. Partly inspired by Honestly WTF......they always have the best idea's. These are so cute
and fun and I can't wait to wear mine. I've gathered tissue paper, a thick floral wire, scissors, a thin floral wire, floral tape, felt, pliers and hot glue gun

STEP 1. Take 5 sheets tissue paper and start folding it accordion style. After you've folded the entire sheet cut it in half. We want small flowers. Next take the thin floral wire and place it in the middle of the tissue paper. Wrap the wire around the paper and twist to secure. Take your scissors and cut a rounded edge on both sides.
STEP 2. Start pulling the tissue paper apart from each other (be very careful not to pull the paper to hard it will rip) Next take the color you want for the bud of the flower. Cut a small section and crumple up the paper a little then just put it aside.
STEP 3. Take your thick floral wire and measure it around your head to resemble a halo. Cut the wire where needed with the clippers. Take your floral tape and tape the wire together to form a circle.
STEP 4. Next cut out two circles on the felt. Place hot glue on one felt circle and place it on the back of the flower (make sure the back of the flower is flat)
STEP 5.  Place one side of the wire halo on the back of the felt circle making sure it you push down so it holds to the glue. Put some hot glue on the other felt circle and place it on the wire. The thick floral wire should be sandwiched in the middle of the two felt circles. Make sure to use lots of glue to help the two felt circles stick together.
STEP 6.  Put some hot glue on the back of the bud and place it in the middle of the flower. Press down hard to make sure it sticks.
If you don't have any floral wire to make a halo you can also use hair barrette's. It still looks great, just clip it in the side of your hair. My halo looks so festive and I can't wait to show it off. I hope y'all have fun making these flowers and good luck!



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