Photography 101

Camera's are so fun.....if you know how to work one! All those buttons, aperture, shutter speed, it can all get so confusing so we asked Alisha to help us out, i mean the girls got skill .... just check out her photography.
The Basics
Aperture- Just like your pupil dilates to let light into your eye, your camera lens has a diaphragm that opens and closes to let light in. Aperture refers to the size of the diaphragm the moment the shutter button is pressed. It is measured in f-stops.

Shutter priority- Shutter priority refers to a setting on cameras that allows the user to choose a specific shutter speed. Shutter speed can make your photos either sharp or blurry.

Editing Software- For the majority of my images, I use Photoshop and Picnik.com (a free online service with great effects and editing tools).

How to use editing software- I use Photoshop to add different layers to my images, and with multiple layers on one image you can get the look of a vintage or polarized filter. For some cameras you can change out filters. A polarized filter picks up colors and make them pop that a normal lens wouldn't be able to capture.alishafeature5
Tips & Tricks
I take my camera almost everywhere. You never know when the perfect moment will be. I've learned alot by trial and error. I also ask other photographers questions about what they do. I would love to take a photography class, but time just doesn't allow for that right now...
What catches your eye and makes you want to reach for your camera to take a picture? 
Color and lighting play a big part, but sometimes I get a funny feeling inside that screams 'that'd be a great picture' or 'I really want to remember this moment'.
What made you want to start your 365 project? 
After purchasing my camera back in Dec, I started doing some online camera research, and came across project 365. I'm not big on new years resolutions, but thought that taking a picture a day would really help my photography, so project 365 started January 1st.
Do you hope to get bloggers involved in your 365 project? Do you hope to keep it going into the next year? 
I haven't really done much advertising for project 365, but for new photographers, I highly recommend it. I will definitely carry project 365 over into 2012!
What type of camera do you use? In your opinion, what is more user friendly, nikon or canon? 
I have a Nikon L110. It's comparable to a 35mm. My next purchase will definitely be a SLR camera!Some of the best photos I’ve seen have been done with a “point & shoot” camera. Both brands are very user friendly. I'm just partial to Nikon. Once you buy a brand and become familiar with that product you tend to stay with the same brands when it's time for an upgrade.
If you could take your camera anywhere in the world, where would you go to snap photos? 
Ooh, well I've already taken her (my camera) to Mexico, and I've always wanted to go to Italy, so probably Venice, Florence, Rome and Verona!!



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