Deep in the heart of TEXAS....

What a great week in San Antonio.........it's BEER WEEK! We're having pub crawls downtown and beer tastings galore! So in honor of beer week I decided to cook up a little somethin' special. I found this recipe and thought "wow I can imagine how amazing that would taste" It calls for amber beer so I used used ZiegenBock beer brewed in the in the heart of Texas.

This recipe is a Cajun Sausage Recipe made with onions, peppers and beer oh my. It's a cinch to make and perfumes your entire kitchen with the most amazing smell. I like to put the sausage in a bun but you can serve it however your taste buds tell ya to. This recipe was such a good choice on my part for beer week.....yep I'm patting myself on the back. It's sweet yet savory and the beer adds just enough flavor. Gotta love beer!



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