Not quite Ralph Lauren...

shirt, jeans- Forever 21
vest- Target

First let me start by saying please forgive me for my out of control hair, the Texas humidity and my hair are total enemies. So this weeks Bloggers Do It Better was American Prep Menswear. To be totally honest I was a little afraid of this one, mainly because I have never really worn meanswear and I wasn't sure I could pull it off. To my surprise I actually really really liked this look! I'm still not sure if I can pull this off but I'm pretty positive I would wear this look out somewhere. The tie was my favorite, I raided my dad's closet and beyond the Christmas and 80's ties I found this gem!! I thought it worked well. Thanks Dad! And thanks Pretty Shiny Sparkly for this look, I love it!



Sophie - Country girl said...

I love your waistcoat! Those shoes are great. This was a fun challenge!

C. said...

Great job! I agree, I was a little daunted by menswear, but it's actually easier than it sounds- who knew?

Brownie points for the red white and blue scheme you incorporated!

annie said...

I think you did a good job! I was very excited to try this look...

I love your shots. They are very unique.

The Style Dossier said...

Thanks so much ladies! I have to agree this challenge was a good surprise, im glad I did it
Thanks so much

Astoria said...

I love the way you combined patterns in the shirt and the tie! Nice post!

Check out my own BDIB?

Anonymous said...

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