Moon-a-rita anyone?

Since beer week was this week in good ol' SA, i thought i'd bring y'all a recipe for one of our favorite beer drinks! We go to a place called Hofbrau here in SA a lot, they are famous for their dos-a rita's, they are so yummy! 
In case you don't know, a dos-a rita is a frozen margarita with a Dos-Equis beer in it, the beer slowly pours out into your margarita, and your left with a really good drink!

They have all sorts of variations, but one that i think is perfect for summer is the moon-a-rita. It's a mango margarita with a Blue Moon beer.
Here's what you'll need
  Mango margarita mix (i used master of mixes)
Blue Moon beer (i used the summer honey wheat)
1 Lime

*you could use fresh mango's if you like, i suggest freezing them so you get a more slushy consistency

If you use the Mango margarita mix, just follow the instructions on the bottle, if your making a fresh mango margarita follow this recipe
1oz Tequila
1/2oz triple sec
1/2oz sweet & sour mix
1/2 cup of fresh frozen mangos
blend with ice

Make your mango margarita, and pour it into a big glass (i'm using a 20 oz goblet) you can use any glass you like just make sure it's big and deep enough for your beer to be placed in. 

*they sell most of the beers, even Blue Moon, in cans now so that can save some space in your glass

This part is IMPORTANT, no matter what kind of glass your using, only fill it half way with the mango margarita, i poured too much margarita & when i inserted the beer, i got major spillage
Once you fill your glass with the mango margarita, insert your beer. This part is easy and fun, don't worry there is no wrong way to do this, just flip that baby over and put it in your margarita.
Now garnish with a lime, and ENJOY!

You can also do a regular lime margarita with DosXX....that ones really good too!

I hope this gets you through these long hot summer days ahead...


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