reinvent a jolly rancher!

Today i'm doing things a little different! Instead of Magazonday, i'm doing Webonday! A while ago I came across a recipe for skittles vodka. I was so stoked to try it, but after reading the entire tutorial it seemed a little harder than i expected. Then i came across this tutorial, for jolly rancher vodka! It is so simple, and i'm gonna show you how it's done...

You'll need a bag of jolly ranchers, 
glass bottles (your choice) & vodka!

1st- seperate all your jolly ranchers, i just used green apple, blue raspberry, watermelon & cherry. Depending on how many of each flavor comes in the bag will determine if you need another bag (i got the bags you would use for halloween). You need about 13-15 of each flavor per bottle.
2nd- unwrap all the flavors and place them in seperate glass bottles, i got mine from Ross, but you can get some at the container store also. You can also use plastic bottles if you prefer....YOUR CHOICE!
3rd- pour the vodka in the bottles, and give them a good shake (with the top on) I used the cheapest vodka i could find. It really didn't make a difference, but if you want a better quality vodka you can use that too! Give the bottles a good shake every once in a while. Wait for all the jolly ranchers to dissolve...mine happened overnight!  
4th- Chill, Serve & Enjoy!
We mixed ours with Sprite and it was really good! We also used them for shots. The most popular flavors were by far Watermelon & Blue raspberry. Good Luck if you try it!


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