Something Borrowed

So as older posts may claim we here at The Style Dossier are obsessed with Something Borrowed (the book and the movie) Friday we took a girls day and went to go see the movie! Side note: The movie was amazing and lived up to the book, if you don't go see it you are missing out on love, romance and a really hot actor named Colin Egglesfield. Ok really your just missing out on him, seriously HE is a reason to go see the movie. I came up with this great idea that since were going to go see "Something Borrowed" we should wear "something borrowed" from each other. Genius I believe is the word your looking for!! So here are the things we borrowed...
Libby borrowed our little sister Emily's bling of a ring, from Forever 21 its so cute and we all love it. You may have seen it previously when Emily went to prom! Its so versitile!
Katy borrowed my blue sneakers, which by the way im totally in love with, also from Forever 21!
I borrowed Emilys dress from Forever 21 and Libby's black belt from Target...If you sense a pattern here your right, we like to wear Emily's things and were totally insane over Forever 21 :)


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