"A" Guilty Pleasure....


Hello All! Hope you're having a great week so far. We sure are especially since our new favorite show came on last night. That's right we're pretty much obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. If any of you watch the show then you know it's all about lies, secrets and a little person named "A". Hence the theme for our premiere party. This show is at the top of our guilty pleasure list. We even got our mom hooked on the show. Ya we're patting ourselves on the back for that one. Summer TV just got a WHOLE lot better!!

For all the delicious food we made our way over to Food Network of course. I've been dying to make these meatloaf sliders from Katie Lee and they were great! I love how they were so small so eating two or three didn't feel that bad ;) The sweet potatoes fries were a big hit too but I think the show stopper was the dirt cupcakes and the cocktail. If you have cherry vodka you can make a festive drink too! Yummalicious is the only word that comes to mind. Are there any shows that y'all are hooked on this summer...do tell!



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