Home is where the heart is.....

This week is very exciting for me because a great fellow blogger Lauren from Outside Voice came up with a great way to get bloggers together......photography. I personally love photography its such a great way to capture moments in time and you can look back on those moments forever. The theme for this weeks photography is "HOME" The first thing that came to mind when thinking of home was San Antonio. It's not only where I live but it's the place I've flourished and grew into the woman I am today. San Antonio is a great city......it's fun, playful and full of energy just like me. Plus not to mention we have some of the BEST mexican food. (I'm not bias or anything) I went downtown intending to take lots of pictures of our beautiful riverwalk but the 100 + heat got to me so I only got a few shots. If you're ever able to visit San Antonio the riverwalk is definitely the heart of the city.....its full of great places to shop, eat and just enjoy the city. I promise more pictures of good ol' San Anton to come later when Katy, Mandy and I do a little staycation.



LCR said...

Thanks so much for posting! I love these photos... I can't wait to hear more!
oh, and you had me at 'best mexican food' mmm... can I come visit??

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