Palm Trees & Power Lines

    Summer is officially here.....that means longer nights, hotter weather and loads of FUN! It also means a somewhat new wardrobe. Mostly adding some new accessories, but nonetheless, it's new to you! There are definitely essentials you need to get you through these next 3 months, besides some cute sandals, flowy dresses and a swimsuit, there are 3 things i believe every girl should have for summer.

A Hat....not only is this gonna keep your face shaded from the sun but it's a cute accessory that will transform any outfit.

Sunglasses....with summer here that means the sun is out longer, and we need to protect or eyes, plus they are such a staple for everyday. They always have the cutest shades during summer.

A Beach Bag....whether your going to the beach or the pool, you need a bag to lug all you important stuff around. Make sure it's a big one, summer requires a lot of necessities.

Here are some of my favorite's...........
1. Aldo Herriman straw hat $25
2. Forever21 Basketweave Fedora w/ trim $10
3. Merona Tie Band Floppy Hat $10
4. Forever21 F7755 Sunglasses $6
5. Forever21 F0892 Peach Sunglasses $6
6. Fredflare Charlie Sunglasses $12
7. Aldo Freeze Tote $20
8. American Apparel Cinch Rope Tote $58
9. J.Crew Farmer's Market Tote $43

What are your summer essentials?

p.s sorry for the random title, it's so hard naming post's, wouldn't you agree?


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