Lip Obsession


What Were Wearing:
Libby- "Fire and Ice" Revlon
Katy- "Orange Flip" Revlon Moon Drops
Mandy- "Hot Coral" Revlon Moon Drops

Lips are my obsession this summer. Anything with lip in it I'm loving, LIPstick, LIPgloss, LIPstain, LIPlocking! Woah I'm going overboard here but seriously the best summer accessory for all the gals out there! I've been rocking the bright lip everyday it just makes me feel so summery and girly. I figured "hey maybe some girls aren't sure what color they can wear" so that's where this post comes in, then I thought "well I can type out all the tips or just show you this awesome video from Michelle Phan" I know it says Red Lips but it gives you the ground rules for other colors as well. I'm so excited for you ladies to try out these lips, best decision you'll make all day GUARANTEED!



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