Roll the Credits...

summerseries2I have to give credit where credit is due. This post was made possible by multiple people so I cant take credit for it all. I probably go in to Einsteins Bros. Bagels almost everyday, OK who am I kidding I go in there EVERYDAY! So much that the employees already know me by name, yeah I know that's too much. They have the most amazing blackberry lemonade hence this blackberry lemonade post! I couldn't find their recipe so I just went for another one, but the results are just as good.

(Thank you Einsteins for this glorious lemonade, oh and your cinnamon sugar bagels) 
This lemonade goes great with Libby's Caesar club sandwich's...check em out here!
This week I was a busy camper so Katy decided to step in and actually make this lemonade for everyone! I know what your thinking "Wow she is so nice!" Stop right there ladies, blogs are deceiving.
Thanks Katy! 
Enjoy Everyone!


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