1960's comeback

Hi there y'all! NYFW has come & gone but it left us with some fantastic ideas! To many for me to count. One show that inspired me was a gal you might know....DVF. I was in awe of the 1960's comeback. Especially those beehives! I tried for about two days straight to get that exact same look as the models did...but that was impossible. My french twist didn't look so "twisty" but the beehive part was rockin' if I say so myself. So I decided to do a little something different, a beehive but a more modern wearable beehive. I love this look or should I say I love the beehive. I'm beginning to wear it with every hairstyle. Pretty soon I may need a beehive intervention!!

Stay tuned for more Runway to Dossier Way looks!

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P.S I have a little tutorial up my sleeve with this hairdo, check back next week :)



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