1920's makeup

20's makeup is so super easy! Its practically goof proof. All you need to do is smudge some black shadow on and and pop on a ruby red lipstick and voila, your done! This look is really fun to do and its always a halloween hit! Look out for 20's hair from Libby tomorrow!



Step 1: Of course you always start with a bare eye and make sure to apply primer to your eye lid. Line your upper lid with a black liner. Don't worry it doesn't have to be perfect as your going to smudge this later.
Step 2: Line your lower lid. You will also be smudging this line to so don't worry if its not straight
Step 3: Were using dark grays and two different blacks with this look. Step 3 is with the gray. Apply the gray to the entire lid and up to the outter and inner corner of the brow. Leaving the center of the brow open for highlighting. 
Step 4: Here we are applying the black, we want to apply the black also to the entire lid concentrating on the crease and the outter corner of your eye. Bring this color down to your lower lash line as well. Were blending both colors very well
Step 5: Add the last black shadow to your lid. Were building the colors here on your eye lid so make sure to blend all these colors well. This look is meant to be messy and smokey so dont worry about doing it wrong. Also bring this color down to your lower lash line. 
Step 6: Add a white liner to the inner corner of your eye and also add a white shadow to the inner corner as well and to the center part of your brow bone. We want to add a little highlight to this look. 
Step 7: Eyebrows were dangerously thin in the 20's. So if you have thick eyebrows you may want to try and cover them. If your eyebrows are naturally thin just emphasize them with a black liner or shadow.
Step 8: These lips are fun! You just want to apply it to the center of the lip. Emphasize the cupids bow and don't take it all the way to the outter corner of your lips. On your bottom lip just make sure to add it to the center of the lip. You want to make it look as though you have a permanent kissy pout!

This completes the 1920's look. Hope you all enjoy this!!



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