The A-Z of The Style Dossier

Happy Sunday Folks, we were recently tagged by the lovely Nina Holland to do this fun A-Z post, so without futher adieu here it is......Oh and a BIG excited Hi to all our new followers, we are so glad y'all are here!
(we went to a wedding this weekend, and totally hogged the photobooth, as shown above)

In the hopes of not confusing any of you lovely friends, we have color coded our answers
Libby- pink Katy- blue Mandy- purple

A. Adjective to describe you: playfulentertaining!sassy and witty,
B. Beauty essential: lipstick definitely lipstick, mine would be a lipstain or lipstickgenerally anything beauty is essential for me but I think every girl needs blush!
C. Color choice for fall: emerald, mustard yellow, any shade of red
D. Dossier dig of the moment: structured bags, statement necklaces, metallic! (makeup wise and clothing wise)
E. Eatery we love: Luke's in S.A...its amazing, FirebowlThe Esquire Tavern(best fried pickles),
F. Favorite accessory: my gold watch...thanks kit & randa, my diamond studs and this statment necklace from buffalo exchange, Im definitely a necklace gal
G. Gold or silver: both, definitely both, what they said ;)
H. Happy Hour cocktail of choice: goldilocks: fyi these are deadly, a classic Margarita, Dos-arita!
I. Instruments we play: the flute for about 7 years, now my little sister plays my flute, the clarinet, and currently learning the keyboard, oye! I played the french horn but Im no Chuck Magione, and I know 3 songs on the guitar woo-hoo!!
J. Junk food: reese's pieces, big red, wendy's frosty's, snickers, twizzlers & pepsim&m's(any kind of course) Baby Ruth
K. Kill for: a trip to Paris, a big loot of Dannijo jewelry, Louboutin's, and some Chanel bags, a place on the island of Bora Bora, seriously have never seen anything more beautiful!
L. Lipstick color we love: cha cha cherry from revlon (isnt't that the cutest name), Matte Really Red from RevlonHot coral from Revlon!
M. Music station on Pandora: michael buble, he's my dream guy, I don't have a favorite per say but i'm currently listening to the Wilson Phillips stationThe Strokes- It always puts me in the best mood!,
N. Nicknames: lib, liz, lizard, Kit, Kitty, Cat-yRanda, Randy, Aranda, Mustard-haha! Dont ask
O. Odd habit: popping my toes (i know pretty gross), I have to rub my leg on my bed in order to fall asleep (i can't believe i just said that out loud)  I can never sleep with socks...like EVER!
P. Pie filling we love: apples & lots of em, PUMPKIN-all the way!Pumpkin I'll eat that anytime of year
Q. Quote from a movie: if we named em' all it would be the length of Santa's naughty and nice list!
R. Recipe you turn to: my tomato basil soup, one word DELISH, my margarita recipe, they are good anytime!well I'm no cook but I can make a mean chicken club sandwich,
S. Sisters are awesome because: you always have some one to have fun with :), you can slap em' anytime you want! (jk) because you have BFF's for life!your closet gets 3 times larger ;)
T. Tv shows: pan am, boardwalk empire, modern family, 90210, New Girl, Glee, and so many more, we usually like all the same shows but Im in love with Dexter and Weeds
U. we were Unanimously Unsure about this one!
V. Vegetable you hate: beets...yuck, that's most for me, but beets and peas are not goodPEAS! who would be opposed to banishing those around the world, NOT ME!,
W. Winter activity we love: making tamales with my family (look out for this post around christmas), if we got snow, mine would be playing in the snow, but tamale making is funTamales for sure!
X. Xtra info: i can't whistle or wink but i can do a great high five!<-- Lame!, "She's the Man" is my favorite movie, i seriously LOVE it!,  i CAN whistle, wink and high five and all at the same time ;)
Y. Yummy food we make: i make some mean spanish rice if i say so myself, i can make a mean cocktail, that's a fod group right?Cereal anyone? 
Z. ZOE-ism we love: "i die!", "BA-NANAS!","Shutting it down!"
PS- we TAG anyone who wants to do this fun post!


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