Last Minute Costumes: Tina Turner

Do you need a costume short notice, or simply want a homemade costume? Look no further than your closet, there are tons of gems in there!

These next couple of days we'll be showing you several costume ideas, you can pull out of your's or a friends closet, or even make with ease. These are all super easy, and are bound to get some ooo's and aaa's!

Who would't want to be Mrs. Turner, those legs that fierce attitude, her stellar vocals!
Believe it or not Tina Turner is really easy to pull off....
You could take this costume to the next level if you know the dance moves to "Proud Mary"!
You can also make a microphone very easily, all you need is cardboard, silver and black paint and some silver glitter. 

Get those dancing legs ready ladies your fans are waiting!  
We were inspired by the wonderful Jessica Quirk of What I Wore, she did a ton of homemade halloween costumes.....check em out here!
Inspiration 1, 2, 3, 4


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