what a treat...

Halloween's just around the corner so you know what that means we'll be cooking up some spook-tacular food. So come hungry!!

I'm not really good @ impersonations but here goes my best Dracula

Muahahaha today we're cooking up some tasty little treats. If you're blood thirsty we have a delicious tomato basil soup with a few eye popping surprises. Along with some finger lickin' appetizers. My best meal yet

We use cheese tortellini in our tomato basil soup & I'm telling you it's the BEST soup ever, we could probably eat a whole gallon of this soup. Enjoy :)

Have a fantastic weekend!!

*be careful with the dough for the chopped fingers it spreads like crazy, just use a little dough & about halfway through the baking time take them out & reshape them with a spoon  


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